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My name is Naomi Romero and I am a Mexican/ Puerto Rican professional artist for animation and children's literature. I have worked for amazing companies like Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Illumination, Facebook, and more! My work has been exhibited at countless of conventions and amazing galleries like Gallery Nucleus. When I am not working for studios, I enjoy creating products and characters to share all over the world.

I live in a cozy home in Columbus, OH with a few dogs, a cat, and ball python. Japanesed dogs, or Nihon Ken, are a passion of mine and I work closely with breed groups to help preserve the Japanese Akita and Hokkaido Ken. 

My shop is fulfilled by friends at White Squirrel! They are wonderful people and I trust them to manage my shop and take care of all the fulfillment aspects so I can spend more time making more products for you!

My portfolio can be found at: